Lignosus Tiger Milk Mushrooms is being used for more than 400 years as a natural lung supplement as it contains a lot of organic healing properties on many medical ailments such as asthma, cough, fever, sinus, bronchitis etc. It is also known for healing wounds and indigestions.

12 Amazing Health Benefits of Lignosus

1. Relieves Cough & Phlegm Image

1. Relieves Cough & Phlegm

Soothes wheezing and coughing and helps loosen phlegm to make coughs more productive.

2. Improves Breathing Image

2. Improves Breathing

Helps to open and clear airways to improve breathing capabilities.

3. Supports Healthy Mucus Production Image

3. Supports Healthy Mucus Production

Minimizes irritation in the respiratory tract to support balanced mucus production.

4. Soothes Respiratory Inflammation Image

4. Soothes Respiratory Inflammation

Helps to block specific proteins that may trigger abnormal inflammatory responses in the respiratory tract.

5. Cleanses & Detoxes Lungs Image

5. Cleanses & Detoxes Lungs

Helps to clear mucus, toxins, pollutants, and impurities from the lungs.

6. Relieves Nasal Congestion Image

6. Relieves Nasal Congestion

Aids in breaking down mucus buildup to improve lung capacity and oxygen flow to relieve congestion

7. Natural Asthma Support Image

7. Natural Asthma Support

Helps to reduce airway inflammation, balance the immune response, and protect the respiratory system, providing potential relief for asthma symptoms.

8. Natural COPD Support Image

8. Natural COPD Support

Acts as a natural support for COPD by reducing inflammation, providing antioxidants, modulating the immune system, and promoting respiratory health.

9. Long Term Smokers Immunity Boost Image

9. Long Term Smokers Immunity Boost

Helps to ease smoker’s cough.

Improves lung functions to fight against inhaled smoke.

However, quitting smoking is the best way to avoid long-term damage to your lungs.

10. Enhances Respiratory Wellness Image

10. Enhances Respiratory Wellness

Rich in antioxidants that rejuvenate cellular damage in the respiratory systems, supporting lung, sinus, and bronchial health.

11. Supports Healthy Immune System Image

11. Supports Healthy Immune System

Tiger Milk Mushroom's anti-microbial properties help to boost lung immunity against allergens.

12. Relieves Sinus Symptoms Image

12. Relieves Sinus Symptoms

The anti-inflammatory properties of Tiger Milk Mushroom aid in the prevention and alleviation of sinus inflammation.

How Does Lignosus Work?

Lignosus works through a 4-Step-Lung-Care Mechanism to reinforce respiratory health.


product-organicandnatural 4-Step Lung Care Mechanism

1. icons-new-graybg-cleanse


Acts as a natural detoxifier, cleaning impurities from the respiratory tract.

Naturally, your body will cough to help expel these impurities.

2. icons-new-graybg-rejuvenate


Revitalizes and restores cellular metabolism in the lungs, rejuvenating damaged lung tissues.

3. icons-new-graybg-strengthen


Enhances immune and inflammatory response in the lungs, sinuses and bronchial tubes.

4. icons-new-graybg-protect


Reinforces natural defenses in the lungs, lowering the risk of future damage.